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Sorry Blondie...

Brunettes Own
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Do you get a special little thrill from telling blonde jokes? Are you enamored with the glamorous brunette women of our days? Do you think Amy Lee is the epitome of brilliant brunette gorgeousness? Do you think Oprah is god and J.Lo is a slut?

Even if you didn't answer "yes" to all of the above questions, the fact you have an opinion about them (and also the fact that you're here to begin with) shows that you, like most people in recent history, have a fascination with brilliant brunettes.

This community is for people who love beautiful brunettes and/or who, are themselves, beautiful brunettes. Rave about your fav BB celebs, bitch about the BB celebs you hate. Post pictures of you dark haired glory, or pics of other BBs you like.

I only ask that the nasty and hurtful comments be reserved for celebrities, not fellow community members. This is a community, so let's act like one! This should be fun!

I am your maintainer - fifteen_candles
And the co-Moderater is:

If you are interested in becoming a moderator then please check the memories.

There's not many but here are the few.

1) BE FRIENDLY! Everyone here is either a brunette or a fan of some brunettes or heck.. just wants to be in this lovely community. Like I've said before..this is a community.. so let's act like one!

2) Because this is partly going to be a graphics community.. NO STEALING WITHOUT CREDIT! If somebody posts something and you like it comment and tell them what you're taking and give credit. For icons, in the icon keywords. For Headers and everything else, in the user info.

3) PLEASE post atleast once a week so we can keep the community up and running! Thank you!

4)Add BrunettesOwn to your friends list you will not be accepted otherwise.

That's about it. I'm a simple girl.

TO JOIN: Click the link that says "click here" at the top of the info page. An email will be sent to me and I can approve or reject you as a member. Post an application and depending on your votes- I will accept or reject. Add brunettesown to your friends list during the application process.

PLEASE post application using the LJ cut and if you do not know how please visit FAQ #75 or http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

My name is________ and I am __ years old.
I am a gender and I'm from______.
I want to join this community because______.

Word Associations...
Carmen Electra
Make Up

Hair color?
Who is your favorite brunette?
Favorite color?
Favorite Celebrity?
Lipgloss...raddest thing ever created?
Do you like to make graphics?
If yes-any good at it?
If no- would you like to?
Britney Spears..slut or genius?

*Pick one!*
Britney or Christina?
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew?
MTV or VH1?
computer or tv?
Boys or girls?
prep or punk?
aeropostale or american eagle?(for the people who shop there or like them or whatever)
Switchfoot or Yellowcard?
cats or dogs?
pink or purple?

Ok... think I've tortured ya'll enough!
*Thank you kindly to Lauren for inspiring this application!*


Take this pics and put them in your info along with the Link www.livejournal.com/community/brunettesown