. (_cherrypop) wrote in brunettesown,

My name is Ruby and I am 15 years old.
I am a chick and I'm from Southern Cali .
I want to join this community because I'm a fuckin brunette! .

Word Associations...
Brunette Stripper
Blonde Whore
Carmen Electra Hot
Models classy
Girls sleepy
Boys big
Livejournal obsession
Hearts stars
Music guitar
Icons purty
Stars hearts
Make Up MAC
Beach sand
Lipgloss sticky

Hair color? Brunette
Who is your favorite brunette? Adriana Lima
Favorite color? Rainbows!
Favorite Celebrity? Angelina Jolie
Lipgloss...raddest thing ever created? If only it wasn't sticky...
Do you like to make graphics? I used to, before my computer killed my graphics program.
If yes-any good at it? I made my icon...
Britney Spears..slut or genius? Total genius. Ok, no. She's a slut. We love her anyway.

*Pick one!*
Britney or Christina? Britney
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew? diet coke
MTV or VH1? mtv
computer or tv? computer
Boys or girls? girls
prep or punk? punk
aeropostale or american eagle? Never been to either
Switchfoot or Yellowcard? switchfoot
cats or dogs? dogs
pink or purple? purple!
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