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A weird way to say hi

My name is Whitney and I am 18 years old.
I am a gender and I'm from Wisconsin.
I want to join this community because, I myself am a brunette and I believe they deserve more credit in everything they do. What's wrong with brunette's? ... Nothing!

Word Associations...
Brunette ~ Bombshell
Blonde ~ Platinum
Carmen Electra ~ Fake Chest
Models ~ Beautiful
Girls ~ Picky
Boys ~ Sexist
Livejournal ~ Life
Hearts ~ Shatter
Music ~ A Must Have
Icons ~ Hilirious
Stars ~ Eyes
Make Up ~ Glitter
Beach ~ Avoidance
Lipgloss ~ Shine

Hair color? - Brown
Who is your favorite brunette? - Mischa Barton
Favorite color? - Pink
Favorite Celebrity? - Claire Danes
Lipgloss...raddest thing ever created? - Of course it is, It's always on me or I feel naked
Do you like to make graphics? - Yes
If yes-any good at it? - Yes, but I don't have any graphics programs
If no- would you like to?
Britney Spears..slut or genius? - Definately not a genius, but I don't hold anything against her.

*Pick one!*
Britney or Christina? - Britney
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew? - Dr Pepper
MTV or VH1? - VH1 (they play more video's without so many commercials
Computer or tv? - TV
Boys or girls? - Girls
Prep or punk?- Prep for clothes, Punk for attitude
Aeropostale or American Eagle? - American Eagle
Switchfoot or Yellowcard? - Switchfoot
cats or dogs? - Cats
pink or purple? - Pink
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