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Newbie, and my Application under the Fake LJ Cut

My name is Tawana and I am 14 years old.
I am a gender and I'm from Arkansas, USA
I want to join this community because: I want to meet and be among other brunette girls who stay true to their dark haired roots

Word Associations...
Brunette: Sleek
Blonde: Britney Spears
Carmen Electra: slut
Models: Skinny
Girls: Friends
Boys: Hot
Livejournal: Blog
Hearts: Valentines Day
Music: Notes
Icons: 100 x 100
Stars: Bright
Make Up: Cover Up
Beach: Towel
Lipgloss: Shiny

Hair color? Dark dark brown w/ blonde highlights
Who is your favorite brunette? Mandy Moore
Favorite color? Purple
Favorite Celebrity? Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore
Lipgloss...raddest thing ever created? Yes! I cant live without it.
Do you like to make graphics? Yea, its an awesome way to express your creativity
If yes-any good at it? Not very much
If no- would you like to? Yes!
Britney Spears..slut or genius? Slut

*Pick one!*
Britney or Christina? Really, neither, but I guess Britney
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew? Dr Pepper
MTV or VH1? VH1
computer or tv? TV
Boys or girls? Boys
prep or punk? Punk
aeropostale or american eagle? (for the people who shop there or like them or whatever) Neither
Switchfoot or Yellowcard? Neither
cats or dogs? Dogs
pink or purple? Purple
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