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hey..I just joined.. here's my app

My name is Lauren and I am 15 years old.
I am a girl<3 and I'm from Westchester NY.
I want to join this community because brunettes effin` rock..duhh =P.

Word Associations...
Brunette: a blessing of pure beauty, it's the best thing to be
Blonde: it's okay I guess..but I'm not too crazy about it, brunette is so much better..blonde is just so last week =)
Carmen Electra: gorgeous<3
Models: so beautiful they're almost unreal
Girls: wouldn't wana chabge who I am for the world..even if being a girl has it's minor consequenses
Boys: <33 I'm boy crazy beyond belief..I love them
Livejournal: my life..I would die without it..when lj had it's whole little spasm I went nuts
Hearts: <33333333333 (i think that's pretty self explanitory)
Music: it's essential for me, I love to sing and dance and all that fun stuff..music is like the air I breathe
Icons: soo cute..I really wana get psp so I can make them..for now I'm stuck making promo banners =\
Stars: *finds the biggest one and makes a wish* so beautiful..They make me think of romantic walks on the beach for some reason..they alse make me think about my boyfriend too..
Make Up: my best friend..I feel naked without it
Beach: SUMMERRRR...I LOVE the beach..*dreams about the summer and getting tan on the beach*
Lipgloss: just the perfect finsihing touch for your makeup

Hair color? brunette
Who is your favorite brunette? Beyonce
Favorite color? hot pink
Favorite Celebrity? Paris Hitlton
Lipgloss...raddest thing ever created? Yess!!
Do you like to make graphics? yes I do =)
If yes-any good at it? yeah, I guess so
If no- would you like to? ---
Britney Spears..slut or genius? Hmm..I'm not sure..I wouldn't say slut, but I wouldn't say genious either.  She's not a slut because she isn't really doing anything except dressing skimpy..and she's not a genious either because she smokes and thats the worst thing that you can do as a singer because she's throwing away her career =\

*Pick one!*
Britney or Christina? Christina..I love the whole Marilyn Monroe look she has..I think it's really working for her
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew?..neither..but I like the Dr. Pepper commericials so I guess Dr. Pepper
MTV or VH1? MTV..but they should make it more music and less TV..but I will admit that I love their shows
computer or tv? Computer
Boys or girls? boys<3
prep or punk? prep
aeropostale or american eagle?(for the people who shop there or like them or whatever) American Eagle
Switchfoot or Yellowcard? Yellowcard
cats or dogs? I have both..so it's a tie
pink or purple? pink

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